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A message from Mr Blunt


Hello, Mr Blunt here.

Listen carefully, I will only say this once and this message will self destruct in 1 hour.

I mentioned in chapter 6 about Yassen Gregorovich and the fact we suspect him of killing Ian Rider. I have a problem though. I don’t know where he is or what he looks like so I want you to help me with the latter.

Your teachers have managed to unearth a picture of him from somewhere (don’t ask me where!). However, they are not able to send it to me as if it is posted on the internet it will be intercepted and he will disguise himself.  Your mission is to write me a character description of him so I can inform my agents about him and get them to keep an eye out.

Make sure they are good, your country is depending on you.

Over and out.

Mr Blunt



This character has a small but important role in the Stormbreaker film-who do you think this character is and why is he so important to Alex and his development? (no more than 100 words)


Mr Rigby & Mrs Cooper

Christmas Card Designs

IMG_1973IMG_1972IMG_1971IMG_1969IMG_1978 IMG_1980 IMG_1981 IMG_1982 IMG_1984 IMG_1985 IMG_1986 IMG_1987 IMG_1988 IMG_1989 IMG_1990 IMG_1991 IMG_1992 IMG_1993IMG_1977IMG_1976IMG_1975IMG_1974Hi

I have attached your Christmas Card designs for you to share with your parents and buy if they wish. Make sure that you complete the forms that you were given and return them to school, with payment, by Friday 6th November if you would like them to be printed.


Mr Rigby

Some are not quite finished yet but will be shortly-please ask your child to identify their drawing if the initials in the corner are not clear.


I’m A Celebrity-Get Me Out Of Here!!

Hi Year 6

Hope you are all well rested and ready to go.

As part of our I’m a Celebrity context we would like you all to reply with to the post with your favourite moment/challenge that you have seen on the show.

Make sure it is written clearly and in detail as we have never seen the show before so might not understand.


Mr Rigby/Mrs Cooper

Eden Camp


For this week’s homework we would like you to reflect on Friday’s visit to Eden Camp.

On Friday we had a fantastic time at Eden Camp and learnt a range of different knowledge about World War 2 as well as other wars in the last century. Could you please write a reply to this post to tell us what you thought was the most interesting part of the day?

We look forward to hearing you ideas-could you please make sure you have replied by Friday 16th October.



Mr Rigby & Mrs Cooper

Maths Challenge

Hi Y6!

As we have been looking at factors in Maths, we thought you may be able to solve this maths problem involving factors. Have a go!

What number am I? I have a factor of 3, so I am not a prime number. The sum of my digits equals 6. Two of the digits are the same.


Mr Rigby and Mrs Cooper

World War 2

Hi Year 6

We have looked at some of the famous (or infamous) people from World War 2. Could you please find some facts about one of the two leaders-Winston Churchill or Adolf Hitler-to help us with our biography writing over the next two weeks.



Mr Rigby & Mrs Cooper


Image result for winston churchillImage result for adolf hitler