Eden Camp


For this week’s homework we would like you to reflect on Friday’s visit to Eden Camp.

On Friday we had a fantastic time at Eden Camp and learnt a range of different knowledge about World War 2 as well as other wars in the last century. Could you please write a reply to this post to tell us what you thought was the most interesting part of the day?

We look forward to hearing you ideas-could you please make sure you have replied by Friday 16th October.



Mr Rigby & Mrs Cooper

14 thoughts on “Eden Camp

  1. H.W

    Dear Mr Rigby

    I thought that the most enjoyable thing about Eden Camp was when we was in hut 5 the blitz because it was very realistic and you could see what would have happened to the people in the war like when the bombs dropped and it blew up all of the houses and the people would of have to go in the air raid sirens. Also one of the huts was a bit funny and a bit weird ,but what happened is when you opened the cubicle doers a man came out and started chasing you.

    Yours sincerely

  2. Jhc

    THE BLITZ bunker because it showed the effects of the bombs when it hit the house . It showed what they would do after the bombs hit, it showed us what horrible things happened in the blitz and how they would heal one and another with limited supplies but they still keep on doing there bit for the nation .

  3. TT


    On Friday I really enjoyed go─▒ng to Eden Camp beacause: it was realy cool ,I learned a whole Lot of stuff but my favourite bit was the 3rd hut the 4th hut and the 5th hut!
    It was a lot of fun!


  4. mm

    Friday came, costumes on, it was time for Eden Camp. A World War 2 place where it shows you how they lived and acted when the war happened.

    On Friday we had to put our self in their shoes, it made us think how people made it though the war and how lucky we are today living in a safe place compared to 1939 to 1945. In 1939 to 1945 there lives were at risk, I felt like I was in World War 2 in the huts because it seemed so realistic you could feel the emotions especially in the blitz where houses where bombed, people on the floor it was horrible in there . Some others you can smell what it smelt like and compare old things to what it looks like today-it was very fascinating.

    Eden Camp is a great place you should visit if you like World War 2 you will feel like one of them.

  5. ES

    Hi year 6

    I thought Eden Camp was a great school trip because it explained why WW2 happened . One of my favourite parts was visiting the BLITZ, this was a time when bombs were being dropped and lots of people died . Also some of the artefacts looked very real .

    My next favourite part was the puppet show-there was lots of famous songs on and such more .The trip was very fun and I would definitely go Again .


  6. SH

    Hi Mr Rigby,
    Eden camp was like a little adventure, going from each hut to another. The coach ride definitely brought some excitement, nervousness and curiosity – what was it going to be like? In the end, me and my friend just ended up singing Taylor Swift songs until our throats went raw to distract our minds away from the situation.

    But the everlasting road trip was worth it; as soon as we stepped out of the coach it was like falling into a dark hole all the way back into 1939. Despite all the World War Two-themed engines, planes, weapons and anything else you could think of which was related to it, there was one hut which made me wince with anxiety… The Blitz hut.

    They say ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’- well, I certainly should’ve thought of that sooner. As we stepped in, heart beggining to thump slightly, we soon realized the walls just had information on about the war… until you turned around. Crashes, steamy, thick air, frightening representations of the terrible bombing- these were just some of things that made me quiver. At least I had the company of one of my partners, but realisticly, all she did was cling onto my arm saying, “Don’t leave me!”, but let’s classify it as company. It was so taunting, even surrounded by my curious classmates I felt a deep hole of loneliness and anxiousness. I hated seeing what would of happened when the bombs struck, a heart-poundingly scary explosion suddenly, a quick flash through the windows from time to time, just like anyone would hate to be in it. Luckily, we made it out just in time before I screamed, “Help! I don’t like this at all!” (Trust me, I felt the words about to slip through my mouth.)

    By (the very anxious) SH :)

  7. TLR

    Hi Mr Rigby
    My favourite bit was the u-boat because you got to learn all about what it was like in the u-boat and my second favourite bit about the trip was the blitz hut because you got to learn all about in and what it was to be in the war. I also liked the puppet show because it was funny and every one got very wet I also liked the bit about world war 1 where the manikins where in the trenches and the bit where you got to see where all the other contries are in the world and where the German and English ships are with much much more countries fighting along side them.

    Thank you for taking us it was great!

  8. EW

    Mr Rigby ,
    I thought that the blitz and the dark one was the most interesting. I think this because they were very realistic and made you feel like the army would feel like and what would be going through their heads . Also they had the most to look at so you got a lot of information . This then meant that we had a good idea about it .

  9. Mr Rigby

    Thank You for all your fantastic comments so far. You have spoken really enthusiastically about the visit to Eden Camp and have gained a lot from it.

    Keep them coming!!

    Mr Rigby

  10. EFC

    Dear Mr Rigby,
    My favourite hut was the U boat, because it showed how it would look in real life and it was very informative. It was a good trip all together and had lots of huts, but out of all of them that one was my favourite. You wouldn`t get to do that at school, as they wouldn`t get the representation as precise and you wouldn`t be able to see it in the same ways if you just saw pictures because you wouldn`t know how it feels to be in that situation. I think it was a very good day all together and I`m glad I got the opportunity to go.
    From EFC

  11. EC

    Hi Mr.Rigby

    I was totally made up when I found out we were going to Eden Camp .I was even more excited when my mum came home with my costume .My heart was beating when I stepped into school that day . Excitedly I slipped my high viz vest on. It was a long trip on the coach but it was worth it. At first it looked a bit like a concentration camp!Looking through my window I could see a gigantic model of a plane. Just looking at that plane made me excited.We were told that we were going to go into huts.Inside the huts were different displays about features of the war.There were lots of huts and I took a shine to the food one!
    To be honest I did get a bit upset in the prisoner of war hut because there was a skinny like figure that I just couldn’t bear. My very favourite hut was the puppet one. The lady who controls the puppets held up signs that said sing along,if we didn’t she would squirt water at us.Thank you so much for that day Mr Rigby And Mrs Cooper and for reading this.

  12. TD

    hello Mr Rigby. I loved the trip and love the subject. I liked the blitz hut the most because it was dark and fun. Thankyou for the trip.

  13. L.S

    Dear Y6R,

    I could say that the most interesting part was when we went into the different huts and read all the information about ww2. But the most scary/exiting hut was the blitz (hut 5) because it was almost pitch black (except for tiny cracks of light shining in from the displays), and the smell was recthed! It was actually realistic and you could see all the horror that the bombs caused. It’s fascinating to learn about what could have been us or what life was like back then. I found the trip to Eden camp interesting and fun too!

    From LS.

  14. GED

    Hi Mr Rigby and Mrs Cooper,
    My favourite part of Eden Camp was Hut 5. It was very misty just like a stormy night. You could just imagine what happened in the booming Blitz. The terrified screams of people surrounded by a chaotic world around them. Not to mention the moon disappearing into thin air. Sirens wailing, people screaming, bombs whistling. I can imagine the pain of innocent people who sadly passed away in the middle of the most dangerous smoke land, the Blitz. I hoped you’ve enjoyed reading my comment. I would love to see the real Blitz up close, although I have to admit it would be a fright. I would love to hear what you think.
    Written by GED.


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