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Eden Camp


For this week’s homework we would like you to reflect on Friday’s visit to Eden Camp.

On Friday we had a fantastic time at Eden Camp and learnt a range of different knowledge about World War 2 as well as other wars in the last century. Could you please write a reply to this post to tell us what you thought was the most interesting part of the day?

We look forward to hearing you ideas-could you please make sure you have replied by Friday 16th October.



Mr Rigby & Mrs Cooper

Maths Challenge

Hi Y6!

As we have been looking at factors in Maths, we thought you may be able to solve this maths problem involving factors. Have a go!

What number am I? I have a factor of 3, so I am not a prime number. The sum of my digits equals 6. Two of the digits are the same.


Mr Rigby and Mrs Cooper