Den Day

Hi again Y5,

I would like to say a great big thank you and an equally big well done to you all for your efforts and enthusiasm on Den Day.
Together we were being sponsored to build dens out of the resources we had lying around in our outdoor classroom. The reason we did this was to get an understanding of what it might be like to have to rebuild your home after a typhoon or some other natural disaster. We saw on the Save the Children pictures some of the work that they do and how they help children all over the world who are in desperate need.
We are fortunate that our den building was just for fun but for some children it is a reality.

I would like you to write a recount of our afternoon den building. What groups were you split up into and why? What did you do? What did you build? Did you show good team work? Remember to use your writing targets and excellent punctuation and grammar :-)

I’m looking forward to reading them.

Miss Kelly

22 thoughts on “Den Day

  1. TGJ

    Hello Mrs Kelly!Here is my experience of den day!

    Finally;the day we’d all been waiting for…Den Day!We were split into three groups:scavengers,builders,and the tools group.I was chosen for the scavanger group(we find sticks for the builders)and we set off to work!The sun was blazing;it must have been well over twenty degrees.I found a long,thick stick that I used to wack away nettles.

    Me and a few other boys found a clearing.In there was lots of useful sticks,and a tree that had fallen down.Using all our strength;we navigated through nettles and narrow pathways!The tree was as heavy as an elephant,despite the fact that it was small.Eventually,we found our way back to the ampitheartre and put down the mega-branch.The relief in my muscles was great!As I sat down to rest;Mrs Ainscough called for the groups to switch!

    My next group was the tools group!We either took it in turns to cut the sticks us scavengers found(and believe me,there were a LOT!)or we used the loppers to cut small branches off the twigs.I had a go with an axe!Its astounding that the teachers trusted us to use these!Other people used bow saws(Saws that are vey long)

    That was my experience of den day.I loved it!

  2. Rb

    Dear miss Kelly,

    When we were at den day we where peeling sticks it was extremely easy really all we had to do was find some sticks and peel them we mainly used them to keep the intire thing up . We also went skavaging in the dragons den for :stiks, leafs,flowers,bark,string,branches. Miss Kelly was teaching us to use axis so we could get them the right shape and sizes. And plus the building was really hard beacause we only had a Serton amount of people beacause the rest where doing skavaging and learning about how to use tools so we had to work extremely hard .

  3. AC

    Dear Miss Kelly,

    I want to tell you about my amazing day it was a really hot day but exciting we did different activity which where really fun. We sat down in the ampetherter and talked about safety in the den and with the tools. We used: axe, bow saw and hammer in the end we used them carefully so it didn’t matter so much even though they where on the teachers concern

    Den day was really fun it was great to enjoy,they had to split us up into groups first we where on tools. The tools where not used by me. I was scared my hand would get chopped of! Den day was really fun: all I did on tools was watch people cut wood. Also I went around and scavenged a bit. It was a very hot day so using all your strength sweating cutting wood would not be the greatest idea.

    About an hour later, we started building it was really fun. At first it looked a bit tatty but we worked and worked and worked till it was in ship shape condition. I learnt how to do my first knot ever thanks to Mrs ainscough I tied leafs and sticks to the wall (more like wooden checkers boards. The weather was really

  4. SN

    To miss Kelly,

    Den day was amazing,firstly I started by doing scavenging for sticks twigs and leaves for the builders to build the den with. I started with Dominic savaging at the entrance the right,we found a big twig and tried to snap it but it was no use,so we started looking again but then I found a big piece of bark about 1miter long! So I went and gave it to the builders and said use this for the was that hot I was dripping with sweat!

    Then I did tools, the tools were axe,saw,and some over tools. At my go my finger hurt because it’s fractured and I used the the axe it was hard to aim I didn’t do that much but I still got a go it was fun

    The next was building first of all I attached to sticks together to make it stable then I put the bark I found on the wall but it was too then I went to explore for grass to make rope with so we could attach it together

    Hopefully you liked it

    From SN

  5. ES

    Hi miss Kelly ,
    Den day was great,as soon as I got my trainers on I was so excited.they opened the green gates we got duty was scavenger .as I walked on with my friends ,looking for thing to put on the den . Den day is not just for fun ,typhoon are destroying people homes in South Africa ,so we are rasing money for those people that arn’t as fortunate as us .Next I did some willow weaving ,are team work was good .leaves and stick was gaved on the grond !suddenly, I fell I had cut my leg it was like red juice had exploded evry were .however it was still a good hot day.

  6. J.cub TLR

    Hilo miss kelly.
    Wow it was the best day ever…The day had finely come den day!!!
    A day full of team work, trust and fun. Trust because the teachers TRUSTED us to use the tools .we used a lot of tools like :mallets-seceteyrs-bow saw and clippers.

    We did lots of hard work lifting logs and we did activetis such as :peeling -scavijing and building.

  7. Jci

    Den day:
    Den day was amazing! We had loads of fun and used good team work.

    Scavenging :
    With the scavenging you really had to work together, like when a group of boys went and got a, well a tree, they worked together amazingly! They got it from the corner of the Dragons den . Then we used it as support at the top of the den and tied sticks to it with rope

    Rope making:
    Hayden tort us how to make string out of willow strips (we got willow branches and striped them of their bark)

  8. CR

    The best day ever had finally come…
    DEN DAY!!! :)
    The day started when we went to the dragons den to make a start.When we got though the gates Miss Kelly,Mrs Ainscough,And Miss Cartwright explained the 3 different jobs:building,scavenging,tools.My first job was Building it was super fun.We our den started of as just 3 trellis 2 for the walls and 1 for the floor.Also I came up with an idea I told my group that we should thread sticks with levees though the holes of the trellis to make it camouflaged.

    After our 1st jobs the teachers called us in and we went in for lunch.When we came back out my 2nd job was scavenging.I went to look for reasorses and found a massive,huge, stick I brought it to the builders and they said WOW!.They told me they could use it to hold up the walls.Then they told me to go and get more of them.So that is how den day went!!!!!.

  9. J.R

    Dear miss Kelly
    WOW! What a lovely weather for den day I had such a good day. we all got really dirty on the floor looking for leafs and sticks. If we were scavenging for others building and others handiling the tools. To be honest I never thought they would let us handle the tools like: secuters a hammer axe and bow saw and garding clippers. We did a very good team work and I got chose to do scavenging first.
    We put in loads of effort to make are den together are class and miss Cartwrights class.

  10. B.W

    Hi Y5,
    The Den Day was AMAZING!!! It started of looking not so good, but it was really thought through from the first group that was on it. If your wondering the first group? Well we were split up into 4 groups: The first group was the building group; the second group was the tools group well had all the pro tools; the third group was scavenging for all the wood and plants to go on the Den, And the last group was stripping willow from the wood so we could make rope with the willow. That is how we started!

    The team work. Joni and Olivia had amazing team work I was supporting them all the way. Everyone else was just as good, but they stood out the most to me. Half way through it looked like a Dinosaur that was incredible. There was a group of boy’s and they were all carrying a massive tree for the Den that was really shocking. Harry, Hayden and James were really good with the team work thing as well.

    The weather. It was really hot and sweaty I didn’t like how hot it was that much. But it was AMAZING!!!!!!!

    1. e.bardsley Post author

      I like your comments about team work BW, I agree! You all worked really well as a team.

  11. VL

    Dear Miss Kelly,
    I really enjoyed Den Day. It was a nice sunny day when we made it and this is what we did. We were in three different groups and they were building, scavenging and using tools. My group first did the building. We used some huge sticks, some string and three pallets.

    Finally we changed jobs and my group did scavenging. We found lots of things like leaves and sticks. We all worked hard to find lots of things for the builders.

    At last we changed jobs for the last time and my group used the tools. After we used the tools we did the building or the scavenging and then we finished building our den. Our den was the biggest in the whole school and I enjoyed den day.
    From VL

  12. Tt

    Dear miss Kelly ,

    Even though I wasn’t in school on den day I’m still going to write to you !

    When I looked at the pictures today I couldn’t believe how much team work there was with everybody and I’m not even sure who trusted everyone to use those really dangerous tools but at least no one got hurt. And a thew weeks ago when we went to the dragons den and a den court my eye and when I found out it was our I was shocked!

    1. e.bardsley Post author

      Thank you TT! What lovely comments. And don’t worry about the tools- I was in charge of tools and I kept a very close eye on everyone using them :-) Everyone was super sensible and followed the instructions really well.


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