Would you journey to Johannesburg?

Hello again Y5!

Welcome to our new context where we will be learning about life in other cultures by taking a close look at Johannesburg.

I would like you to do some research about the climate and culture of Johannesburg. This means finding out about the temperature, how much it rains, what the weather is like at different times of the year, is a wet, hot, dry or humid place? Also see what you can discover about the culture of Johannesburg and its surrounding cities. What are the clothes like? What do they like to eat? What musical instruments do they like to play? What languages do they speak?

When you have done your research and made some notes, you can tell me all about it in a blog post using your super descriptive language that you have all been working so hard on!

Please remember your punctuation too and spelling too; just like you would if you were writing in your books.

I am looking forward to seeing what you can discover :-)

Miss Kelly

33 thoughts on “Would you journey to Johannesburg?

  1. g.johns

    Sounds like a great activity, can’t wait to read what you find out when you have researched and written all about it on your blog.

    1. DE

      The people of johansburg have a taste for many difrent dishes such as. (Omanaqina) wich is a hoof of a cow pig or sheep it is boiled then spiced for taste it is very delicious but sticy.

      (Mala) a nuthre dish made from intendtese espery those of chicken thay are thoroughly washd then cooked in boling water then fried and put in a rap.

      A tradishnol dance called the rain dance event it goes on for 17 days and has a show in the middle and you use a umbrella, and loads of people take part in it.
      Everyone in johansburg likes a tipe of music.

  2. SN


    The languages in johanasburg can be Cristian, Islamic and lots of others.The housing in johanasburg depends on if your poor or rich the poor people don’t have good houses they have little shacks and it’s made out of rusty old metal (quite bad). The rich people have really posh and big houses made out of bricks stone and glass mostly in Cape town.


    In johanasburg it is normally very dry ,very rarely wet it is always hot the coldest temp in johanasburg is 19 degrees(not that cold).Wind,witch is not rare normally causes tornadoes most poor people do not survive than.the sunlight is very common sometimes it can be over 80 degrees(very hot). Rainfall is rare it never poor it down like in England it only spits. Frost is more rare than a bolder coming from the sky it never has happened yet.

  3. HW

    Dear miss Kelly

    Food is a very good reason people go to South Africa they eat lots of meats such as oxtsrich springbok and zebra and more aswell as sea food they are made with high gualety ingredienses

    In jo’burg in summer it is very very hot and Evan warmer in winter

  4. AC

    Dear Miss Kelly,
    I have got some information for you about Johannesburg culture and climate compared to England ;

    In the next five days the highest temperature will be 19*C, but here in standish it is 22*C. The coldest in Johannesburg is 3*C meanwhile in standish it is 8*C.
    The languages they speak are; Afrikaans, English, Ndebele, Northern Sotho, Sotho, Swazi, Tsonga, Tswana, Venda, Xhosa and Zulu. Our languages are English, Welsh, Gaelic.

    Johannesburg’s religions are; Cristianity, Islam, Calvinist, Budisam, Hinduisam, Baha’i'Faith. Our faiths are; Cristianity, Islam, Judasiam. There main football team are is Kaiser Chiefs while our best team is Chelsea. There best cricket stadium is bidvest wanderes stadium ours is the oval.

    Hope you like my information,

  5. SH

    Hello Miss Kelly,

    Johannesburg is a vibrant district, filled with cultural venues, including theatres, festivals and other sorts of entertainment. They offer foods that are colourful and represents culture across the continent. In Britain, we are the countries of tea, scones and the queen, a massive contrast between the two that sets them apart – and the housing is different too. In Johannesburg it’s either one or the other, a enormous mansion or a dense shack makeshift from scratch. In Britain, we are mostly mid ranged. Johannesburg contains of people with bright, colourful clothing and lots of entertainment, including dance, music and games (so somewhat similar to Britain).

    In the city, (summer) wind speeds reach up to 4mph, temperature up to 61′F, and up to 78% humidity! It has bare rainfall and almost no frost at all. Compared to Britain, rainy and foggy, it can be quite a difference if you compare the two (in Britain up to 19 degrees in summer). So overall, it can get very warm – so I’d get your sunglasses and sun cream if I were you!


  6. B.W

    Dear miss Kelly,
    I’m going to tell you about culture and climate in Johannesburg.
    Food is a major reason people love to visit South Africa. With access to a wide array of meats- including many varieties like springbok, Zebra and ostrich- as well as fresh produce and seafood, visitors can sample delicious dishes made with high- quality ingredients. This is diffrent to England because we don’t eat zebrs’s.

  7. J.cubby

    Drear mis Kelly I’m going to talk about the Johannesburg culture.
    They have 3 mane sports they are rugby football an cricket.The city is very vibrant do to all of its graffiti .They don’t have a religion some people say it’s a religion free place.They listen to a lot of music they listen to pop.

  8. CR

    In johanneburg the peoples houses were made of wood,plastic,and meatle also there houses wood not servive a sunarmi.Lets move on to the food! I will give you 2 exsamples of food number 1 Amanqia it is a hoof of a cow,pig,or sheep,it is bolid,then spiced for taste.

    Now the 2nd food Achaar it is a salad made of oil and mango. Lets do the tempicher, this weeks weather forcast Fri 14c-Sat 17c-Sun18c-Mon 19c-Tue 18c.

  9. B.W

    Dear miss Kelly,
    I’m going to tell you about culture and climate in Johannesburg.
    Food is a major reason people love to visit South Africa. With access to a wide array of meats- including many varieties like springbok, Zebra and ostrich- as well as fresh produce and seafood, visitors can sample delicious dishes made with high- quality ingredients. This is diffrent to England because we don’t eat zebrs’s.

    Thank you

  10. ES

    To miss Kelly
    I have research about Johanneburg culture .The most popular sports are soccer ,rugby and there are lots senior clubs in Johanneburg .Fast running is a nothnor sport that is popular .lots of people do sports .They have shopping sentter , which has 2 levels ,it has over 200 shops. On there clothing is bright fabrics and button and bright zips

  11. t.t

    In south Africa they have Turkish and leboneez restorants who serve stuff like: achar ,amaqena ,biltong,bobotie,borewor chackalacka,chotlo,.

  12. EFC

    To miss Kelly,

    This is what I researched about Johannesburg, they don’t suport any type of religion they have something called freedom of religion, which means they can support whatever they want. Some people were more fortunate then others , rich people had pent houses or beach houses things like that ; less rich people had thatched roofs and sticks for walls .
    From EFC

  13. Am

    Dear miss Kelly this is what I’ve researched in Johannesburg:
    There is no religion they follow inperticuler but they welcome any religion they have 11 languages such as English

    1. e.bardsley Post author

      I’m sure there is one particular religion that the majority of people follow even though they have freedom of religion. Can you do any further research to find out what that is?

  14. OA

    Hello miss Kelly

    Firstly I am going to be talking about African food, in South Africa they eat lamb with delicious hummus and spice tortillas .On Friday they also eat Moroccan vegetables with couscous.
    When Johannesburg have a selabration people where bright coulers on there clothing so they will be Sean. Johannesburg. In summer it is more that 70* digress.

  15. GED

    Hello Miss Kelly,
    I have found lots of facts on Johannesburg. Here are some interesting facts about it.
    In Johannesburg, they hold a special festival called the annual Arts Alive Festival. We also hold festivals too such as: the Great British Food Festival and the British Science Festival. These are traditional festivals that happen oboy once every year.
    This week in Johannesburg, the weather all week will be farely hot and sunny with clear skies. A week without rain is too dry don’t you think? The weather in Britain this week is very hot and some clear skies.
    I hope you like my comment on Johannesburg.
    Yours sincerely,
    GED :-)

      1. GED

        Thank you. I also wanted to mention that Johannesburg is known for many different names. Some of them are called: Jozi, Jo’burg and Joeys. I recently found these three names on wikipedia. It’s a great website full of amazing facts and fascinating images.
        Yours sincerely,
        GED :-)

  16. EW

    Miss Kelly ,
    Nearly 78 % of Johannesburg are Christian . This is because South Africa is a secular with freedom of religion . But in 1939 the majority where Calvinists . Islam was acutely introduced by the Cape Malay slaves of Dutch Setterlers .
    South Africans love there braais . Boerewors is a spicy sausage that was almost always cooked on braai . But if u really want to treat yourself what not try Skop which is the head of a cow , sheep or goat .

  17. Jci


    Joburg’s restaurant scene is thriving. Urbanites throng to bars for after-work drinks, authentic Italian trattorias fill up on any given night, and a new wave of young people is seeking out – and finding – artisanal, ingredient-led food.

    There are eleven official languages of South Africa: Afrikaans, English, Ndebele, Northern Sotho, Sotho, Swazi, Tsonga, Tswana, Venda, Xhosa and Zulu. Fewer than two percent of South Africans speak a first language other than an official one.[1] Most South Africans can speak more than one language. Dutch and English were the first official languages of South Africa from 1910 to 1925. Afrikaans was added as a part of Dutch in 1925.

    In England the food is different because we like English breakfast which contains sausage, bacon, egg, toast, beans.

    We speak English.


  18. TLR

    Hello miss Kelly
    In Jo’burg the most three traditional dishes are lemon scwosh, fish dish and a rap.The clothes in jo burg are sites if you are rich if not you were scruffy closes. The jobs they did was cleaning up or farming. Housing in jo burg is flats if you are rich if you are not rich then you build shacks that cud get blend down by a tifoone or water.

  19. JR HT

    the culture in Johannesburg
    Johannesburg has Turkish and lebeziene restaurants not like our restraunts like kfc or mc Donald’s or dominos pizza or Chinese or Indian
    They love doing cricket and golf even soccer and swimming and there really good at it.

  20. JB

    Hello Miss Kelly! I’m going to tell you a bit about the animals and the food in Johannesburg!!!
    Food-The food in South Africa is very different to the food in England, for example there is a food called Biltong which is air-dried meat, the meat is mostly beef.
    Animals-There are loads of different species of animals in South Africa including: Giraffes, Cheetahs, Rhinos, Hyenas, and even Lions! Personally I think South Africas wildlife is well better than ours!


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