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Den Day

Hi again Y5,

I would like to say a great big thank you and an equally big well done to you all for your efforts and enthusiasm on Den Day.
Together we were being sponsored to build dens out of the resources we had lying around in our outdoor classroom. The reason we did this was to get an understanding of what it might be like to have to rebuild your home after a typhoon or some other natural disaster. We saw on the Save the Children pictures some of the work that they do and how they help children all over the world who are in desperate need.
We are fortunate that our den building was just for fun but for some children it is a reality.

I would like you to write a recount of our afternoon den building. What groups were you split up into and why? What did you do? What did you build? Did you show good team work? Remember to use your writing targets and excellent punctuation and grammar :-)

I’m looking forward to reading them.

Miss Kelly

Would you journey to Johannesburg?

Hello again Y5!

Welcome to our new context where we will be learning about life in other cultures by taking a close look at Johannesburg.

I would like you to do some research about the climate and culture of Johannesburg. This means finding out about the temperature, how much it rains, what the weather is like at different times of the year, is a wet, hot, dry or humid place? Also see what you can discover about the culture of Johannesburg and its surrounding cities. What are the clothes like? What do they like to eat? What musical instruments do they like to play? What languages do they speak?

When you have done your research and made some notes, you can tell me all about it in a blog post using your super descriptive language that you have all been working so hard on!

Please remember your punctuation too and spelling too; just like you would if you were writing in your books.

I am looking forward to seeing what you can discover :-)

Miss Kelly