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How did the Vikings acquire goods?

Hello Year 5,

I can’t believe we are coming towards the end of our unit learning all about the Vikings! You have produced some fantastic work this term and I have been really impressed with your ideas and reflections when we have been answering our learning challenges.

Today I would like you to write an information paragraph to tell me how the Vikings acquired goods – please make sure you include all the different methods we have learned about. Remember to think about your targets for writing and to include the correct punctuation.

I’m looking forward to reading your posts,

Miss Kelly

Viking childhood – advantages and disadvantages

Hello Year 5,

As we have been learning about the daily life of children in the Viking times I would like to know about your opinions. What are the advantages of being a child in the Viking period? What are the disadvantages? Would you  enjoy life as a Viking child? Please include your reasons linking to your historical knowledge.

I’m looking forward to reading your answers,

Miss Cartwright.

Viking Childhood

Hello again,

I’m really looking forward to reading your summary of life as a Viking boy or girl.
Don’t forget to write in full sentences, just as you would in your books, using correct grammar, punctuation and spelling. I will also be looking to see who can include embedded clauses, personification, expanded ‘ed’ clauses as starters.

Miss Kelly


Hello Year 5,

I have started to write a poem about a Viking battle. I’ve tried to make it sound scary and fierce to represent the atmosphere of a battle. Can you help me by improving my first verse and completing the poem?

Please include the features of poetry that we have been learning about. I will be looking for alliteration, similes, metaphors, repetition, personification and onomatopoeia!

Fierce, gruesome, ferocious,

The air is filled with gun shots and thunder,

As fast as lightening, the shields dive to protect their warrior,

Bang! Crash!

The battle rages on.

I’m really looking forward to reading your poems.

Miss Cartwright