Monthly Archives: April 2015

Viking Visitor coming soon!

Hello Year 5,

I hope you are all excited for our Viking visit! I can’t wait to meet the Viking warrior to learn all about daily life and investigate some exciting artefacts!

I would like to know what you would like to know more about in our history learning. Your task is to think of some questions that you could ask the Viking warrior when he comes to visit.

I’m looking forward to finding out what you’re interested in within the Viking topic and what you’re excited to find out.

Miss Kelly

Which Viking weapon would you use if you were a Viking in battle?

Hello again Y5K!

I hope you all had fun this morning on our Viking dig! You have discovered lots of Viking weapons and your challenge today is to write about your favourite one.

Tell me which weapon you would choose if you were to go into battle as a Viking. Why would you choose it? Describe it in detail and remember to use your super sentences and accurate historical facts.

I am looking forward to reading your opinions on Viking weapons.

Have fun!

Miss Kelly