Monthly Archives: March 2015

The Vikings are Coming!!!

Hello Everyone!

Welcome back to our blog.

This Spring term we have been learning all about the Vikings. We have found out where the Vikings came from and why they came to Britain. We have been writing in the role of a Viking child and a Viking Leader.

Your challenge today is to use all this knowledge and put it into a piece of persuasive writing. Remember when we were writing letters of complaint before Christmas? You were super persuasive then! Well, I want you to write a letter persuading your fellow Vikings to join you over here in this green and pleasant land known as Britain!

Why should they come here? Why is it better than Scandanavia? What was your journey like over the sea? Add lots of detail and description to your writing and remember all those super sentences you’ve been adding to your writing? Well I want to see lots of those in your blog too!

Have fun blogging, I can’t wait to read them!

Miss Kelly :-)