Monthly Archives: November 2014

Anti – Bullying

Hi Year 5,

As you know, last week was anti – bullying week. What are the important messages that we learnt during this week? What is your opinion on bullying? What should we do if we feel that we are being bullied or think that bullying is talking place?

Looking forward to reading your replies!

Mrs Grimes


Hello Year 5,

This term we are going to be learning all about Mexico and we will consider why Mexico is a popular place for people to go on holiday. I would like you to tell me about a holiday destination that you have been to and to describe the geographical features that it has. For example, you might have been to a place that had lots of coast line and beaches, or to a built up city with tall buildings. You could also include any facts that you know about the place you visited.

I am looking forward to your responses!

Mrs Grimes.