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History Day!

We are beginning to look at Anglo-Saxons in History. Today we will be looking at what Archaeologists do and what they can tell us about History. First, lets see if you can be Wood Folds answer to Indiana Jones and work out what is being uncovered in the picture below. What does it tell us about History?


Exciting Experiments!

IMG_0168[1] IMG_0192[1] IMG_0199[1] IMG_0173[1]


This is Y4M class blog. We are going to tell you about our work in Science. We made ice bombs, we put salt on them and they cracked. We put green and red food colouring on them, they turned a different colour and had red and green icicles inside them. This taught us that if we put liquid in a cold environment it will turn solid. We have also made Gloop by mixing cornflower and water. When you applied pressure it was solid and when you left it it turned into a liquid. It felt slimy, hard and smooth all at the same time!

We hope you enjoyed hearing about science lessons, we will now tell you a bit more about our favourite lessons.

Yours sincerely,

The Year 4 team (Y4M) : )